Jorge Cortés


Cymer Corporation Endowed Chair

Event-triggered control design with performance barrier
P. Ong, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, Florida, 2018, pp. 951-956


This paper revisits the problem of designing opportunistic state-triggered conditions for stabilization, focusing on the balance between conserving resources (e.g., minimizing the number of triggers) and meeting a desired level of performance. Traditionally, event-triggered control design focuses on ensuring stabilization while conservatively enforcing that the specified performance is met. We take a different approach by considering the desired performance as part of the trigger design. Inspired by the concept of Control Barrier Function, our proposed design allows the system to deviate from Lyapunov's condition for asymptotic stability when the system is doing well in term of performance. We characterize the benefits of the proposed approach in terms of increased inter-event time, robustness to delays in the evaluation of the trigger, and flexibility for distributed implementation.


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