Jorge Cortés


Tutorial on dynamic average consensus: the problem, its applications, and the algorithms
S. S. Kia, B. Van Scoy, J. Cortés, R. Freeman, K. Lynch, S. Martínez
IEEE Control Systems 39 (3) (2019), 40-72
2021 IEEE Control Systems Magazine Outstanding Paper Award


The paper considers the problem of dynamic average consensus algorithm design for multi-agent systems. The objective of this article is to provide an overview of the dynamic average consensus problem that serves as a comprehensive introduction to the problem definition, its applications, and the distributed methods available to solve them. Our primary intention, rather than providing a full account of all the available literature, is to introduce the reader, in a tutorial fashion, to the main ideas behind dynamic average consensus algorithms, the performance trade-offs considered in their design, and the requirements needed for their analysis and convergence guarantees. We decided to write this article after realizing that there exist in the literature many works that have dealt with the problem, but that there does not exist a tutorial reference that presents in a unified way the developments that have occurred over the years. The need to agree on linear combinations of dynamically changing local parameters or signals emerges in many applications in multi-agent systems and sensor networks. Therefore, we believe the paper should be of interest to a broad readership in modeling and distributed control of large scale cyber-physical systems.


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