Jorge Cortés


Cymer Corporation Endowed Chair

Safety-critical event triggered control via input-to-state safe barrier functions
A. J. Taylor, P. Ong, J. Cortés, A. Ames
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Jeju Island, South Korea, 2020


The efficient utilization of available resources while simultaneously achieving control objectives is a primary motivation in the event-triggered control paradigm. In many modern control applications, one such objective is enforcing the safety of a system. The goal of this paper is to carry out this vision by combining event-triggered and safety-critical control design. We discuss how a direct transcription, in the context of safety, of event-triggered methods for stabilization may result in designs that are not implementable on real hardware due to the lack of a minimum interevent time. We provide a counterexample showing this phenomena and, building on the insight gained, propose an event-triggered control approach via Input to State Safe Barrier Functions that achieves safety while ensuring that interevent times are uniformly lower bounded. We illustrate our results in simulation.


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